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In-house developers 


We are looking for junior and senior developers to join our global technology powerhouse, dedicated to enabling a more sustainable future. Are you who we are looking for?

Our people and culture are the cornerstones of our company. We believe diversity develops a creative and innovative working environment. Our people represent different races, cultures, and backgrounds. But what we all have in common is drive and passion. We empower people, embrace inclusivity, and encourage new ways of thinking.


About the role

You'll be working with fantastic developers, testers, and product owners from who you can learn and who enjoy learning from others. Our developers feel a great sense of ownership as they are involved from the beginning: from requirements-gathering with customers and other experts through to designing, coding, and deploying the products.  You'll join a great team of people - we enjoy working together through the ups and downs of product development and helping each other wherever we can.  You'll get a great work/life balance and a commitment to your career development with mentoring, training, and frequent company-wide tech conferences.  We like working with each other and treat ourselves with kindness and respect.


Who you are?
Competencies are important, but we are also convinced that your motivation and your personal qualities are important success factors. We are looking for both you who are new to the game and you who have longer and relevant experience in software development. We believe that you can identify yourself in the following. 


You are: 

  • curious and interested in learning and applying new technologies. Our main language is C# on the server and desktop, but we also have Angular front-ends in Typescript and message-broker systems written in Go
  • active in the software development field and enjoy staying up to date on the latest trends and technologies
  • daring when possible and sensible when needed.  Sometimes the straightforward solution is best, but not always
  • inventive and creative in an industry rapidly changing and digitalizing
  • goal-oriented because releasing software is the hardest part

We do not believe in a laundry-list of required skills that need box-ticking. If you have a good experience of a strongly typed language and the architecture of testable, scalable solutions you'll catch our attention. If you also have strong Python skills, that would be fantastic. Either web front-end skills or Windows desktop development experience would be great as well.  We know though that no one person can do everything, and we are committed to training our colleagues in the skills they need


About our Software Products department

We specialize in products for the energy market - currently primarily oil & gas customers but we have a mission to extend our reach to other types of energy clients. Some of our products are plugins to Schlumberger’s Petrel to make the users’ lives simpler.  Some are specialized geophysical tools. And others focus on data-management, helping customers organize and make sense of their terabytes of subsurface data worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


What do our people say about working in the software products team?

“Our hybrid-cloud software suite is comprised of desktop applications, custom message-brokers, and data analytics platforms. This is an exciting problem domain with lots of room for creative solutions. The work-life balance is excellent, the environment is inclusive and collaborative”

Tore Aadland - Software Developer


“I have been a software developer in Cegal for almost 6 years now and my learning curve is not flattening yet. The energy domain is in a shift when it comes to cloud enabled applications and we in Cegal want to provide our clients with solutions to this. As a developer I therefore get to dive into new technology while we continue supporting our users on their current software. I am curious to see the future for our company and our software portfolio, and I want to be part of it by writing code”
Silje Møller – Senior Software Engineer


“We have a diverse, yet focused company culture, with cool, friendly, and smart colleagues. My focus has been on architecting and developing software for expert geologists and geophysicists, helping Cegals clients gently making the most out of our planet’s natural resources. Our solutions are advanced and great fun to develop. Our agile development teams ensure that your expertise is honored yet permits you to learn and hone new skills. Cegal management actively fosters creativity and innovation from across the company, which allows anyone with the drive, to make an impact and break new ground”

Robert Schmidt - Principal Software Developer


Some of our fantastic products:


A super-fast seismic processing system based on our fantastic Flows technology. Its speed comes from highly parallel processing of huge volumes of seismic data using just-in-time computation, extensive memorization and an advanced comprehension of how subsurface data is persisted, combined with best-of-breed signal processing algorithms and visualizations.

Python Tool Pro

A new generation of geoscientists is using Python in increasingly sophisticated ways and we are making it easier for them.  A Petrel plugin and a Python library communicate over gRPC to offer comprehensive domain model support for most subsurface data types, allowing users to automate complicated Petrel workflows and integrate novel algorithms such as a CNN-based fault-detection system.

Innovation Space

This cloud-based Kubernetes-hosted environment acts as a central and secure place for our customers to work with innovative systems outside their IT-controlled networks. Offering a per-user Python environment and other systems delivered by a gitOps pipeline using Flux, the Innovation Space allows us and our customers to develop, deploy and use solutions quickly and securely.


Does this opportunity trigger your curiosity?
Please send us an application! We cannot wait to hear from you and explore a shared future.

Location: Oslo


About the hiring process:
We evaluate applications as we receive them and continuously interview candidates to ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently for both you and us.




For instance, if you want more details of our tech-stack or anything else, please contact:

James Goldwater, Software Engineering Manager

Call me on +47 41 35 23 80


or for anything HR related:

Frank-Arild Normanseth, Recruiting specialist

Call me on +47 905 15 239



About Cegal 
Cegal write digital success stories. Delivering leading industry software, world-class consulting, and mission critical cloud solutions, we are shaping the digital future. With 800 employees in eight countries, we are growing to become a leading global technology powerhouse for the energy industry and a contributor to driving the green transition.


This is a direct Company recruitment. We will not accept applications or candidates via employment agencies. As a candidate you will need to have the right to work in Norway. Cegal does not sponsor visas.